About Us

Grace Landeza was raised on a beautiful farm in Waiahole Valley on Oahu. Growing up she enjoyed working in the fields, surfing, pottery and sewing. Grace and her husband, Tom, have twins Judah & Olive.


Seafoam Green began when Grace repurposed a pair of brown leather pants into clutch purses. Seafoam Green products are made with upcycled or scrap leather and vintage or modern fabrics. She wastes very little leather by making a variety of items including hair bows, headbands, bracelets etc.


Seafoam Green aims to create beautifully unique, handcrafted products. We occasionally collaborate with local artists to design limited-edition fabrics.


Our passion is to partner with local organizations who are making lasting impacts in our communities.


A portion of Seafoam Green’s sales is donated to Islands of Hope DreamCenter



Islands of Hope exists to assist in the healing and empowerment of women affected by sex trafficking. They will provide safe houses and physical help such as food, clothing, and maternity assistance, as well as providing for their emotional and spiritual needs through support groups, counseling and life skill-building.

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